Potty Training


Deacon began potty training this week. Yikes! It wasn’t even my idea, it was his teacher’s idea. His teachers have been hinting around at pull-ups and potties for a while. Last Friday they said, “Bring underwear on Monday because we’ll begin potty training.”

At first, I was like, hmmmm…shouldn’t I be telling you when to start potty training? But they seem to know what they are doing, so we just went with it.

Long story short, here is what I’m doing and it actually worked today. When we get home, I put him in a diaper (not pull up, just a diaper). But I take him potty every 30 minutes. Tonight, TWICE he told us he needed to go potty and actually went and had success!!! One thing I did was buy a special book that stays on the toilet and we only read it on the potty. This keeps him on the toilet long enough to actually go. He keeps his diaper pretty dry.

The diaper is mostly for my sanity. I don’t like him peeing on the floor. So, we had the best day so far today and I’m just going to keep doing what works for us. Even if it isn’t in any book.

here are some random pics from my iphone…
deacon likes to volunteer at our church to answer the phones.

wearing our kanye west shades

this one is an oldie…it is from nov 07 is seattle. i forget how squishy and little he used to be. he is all big boy now!

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  1. That’s great!! Do what works best for you! We go back and forth with diapers and underwear. I always send him to church in a pull up just in case :) What I’ve had a lot of people tell me is it’s like “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”. I thought about that every time Dean had an accident yesterday which was every time. And then today he went potty 100% (probably because all of his big cousins are here ). That’s one way that peer pressure at school can be good. :)

  2. yay deacon! We aren’t there yet… Currently my baby is passed out from a little surgical procedure he had (one that you did about ohhhhhhhh 2 years ago… we are a little late on that) So….. no potty training for us yet. Thats so great though that the teachers are doing it for you during the day, m-f! :) Nice.

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