best investment


we joined the zoo a couple of weeks ago and it is turning into my best investment this summer. the boys love it! deacon particularly loves the dinosaur exhibit and trying to see the cheetah’s butt. don’t ask me.

i think we spied a whole group of people from ET and i had to squelch that desire to yell, “hello ethiopians!!! who are you? where are you from? do you want to get some coffee? please be my friend!” but, i kept it in and just smiled like a loon at every one of them.

here are our pics from today’s trip.

new baby elephant named baylor…kind of big for a baby. ps- elephants gestate for 23 months…can all my preggo friends give a big shout out for only gestating for 9 months!!!

we think they broke this one….i had no idea giraffes could bend their necks like that. this giraffe was trying to scratch it’s side. crazy!!!

deacon and masamo with a dinosaur.

watch out! the t-rex is going to bite your head off!!!

deacon and masamo. if it will stay still for 2 seconds, my boys will climb on it.

ok, this pic is actually the still from a video clip i tried to take when we went to the petting zoo. masamo said he wanted to go in with deacon and me. deacon and masamo both got brushes to brush the goats and assorted farm animals. deacon brushed every animal in there. masamo on the other hand…as soon as we got to the first goat, and the goat moved the tiniest bit…masamo threw his brush at the animal and screamed and tried to run up my body for safety. clayton had to come in and rescue masamo from the ferocious goats…poor masamo…not too good with animals. so, i didn’t get any video except for about 2 seconds before masamo began freaking out…

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