together for adoption


october 1-2 i’ll be in austin for the together for adoption conference. there are so many reasons why i’m excited about this conference.

but first, here is the pic from their webpage banner:

two things… little boy on left in back, looks kind of like masamo. and something inside me wants to scoop all these babies up and bring them home…

but the picture is not why i’m excited about this conference. the first reason is because of all the awesome people i’ll get to hang out with. most of these people are fbook/blogging buddies that i’ve never met in person, so that will be fun.

people like:
amy bottomly (my favorite travel to ET buddy!)

angel weir (just started ET adoption and basically finished most of her paperwork in like 3 days…amazing)

tom davis (writes amazing books, does amazing things for orphans, getting many jewels in his crown in heaven..)

and many others that i’ve met through adoption related events. very excited. i haven’t made any hotel choices yet, so if you want to register and come with me, that would be awesome!!!

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