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I was in the living room. The boys had been in the library (what we call the formal living room) for less than 5 minutes.

But it was quiet. Quietness worries me.

So I go in there. Both boys were behind the leather chair and I noticed they had the laptop. It looked like deacon was just going to type on it.

I grab it and talk about how they can’t play with it. I just happen to open it to see if they were typing and realize typing is the least of our problems.



So then I may have started talking very loudly and using my upset face. Needless to say, both boys were crying and just pointing at each other while I asked, “who did this?”


We need a new laptop.

We need to not leave breakable things out unsupervised.

We need a third kid to be the ultimate tie breaker tattletale!

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  1. We just replaced our laptop because our son “was just gently tossing an empty bottle across the room and it kind of bumped the screen”. :) We have four children and its almost always everyone or no one that does everything.:)

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