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Dirty Church Floors


Today from noon to 3:00 my friends and I were serving lemonade, water, animal cookies, oranges, and bananas to hundreds of Houstonians at the CCSC Back To School event held on our church campus.

We’ve hosted this event for a while. People come to receive school supplies, clothes, and things like that. They wait in a long line OUTSIDE for the opportunity to get supplies their children need to be successful in the coming school year. We open our lobby, fellowship hall, bathrooms, and faith center for the floods of people. The snacks we provide are just a tiny way to make their waiting more comfortable.

I showed up for second shift at noon and noticed how messy our floors were getting. And all I could do was smile.


Some may be upset that our pretty carpet was getting dirty, but if your church doesn’t get a little dirty doing the work of The Lord, then what good is your church at all??? I don’t want to be part of a museum of religious theories. I want to be part of a body of believers that puts people above all else.

Our building isn’t eternal. Souls are eternal. Carpets can be cleaned every week, but sometimes we only get one shot at loving the hell out of strangers, so I say get the church floors dirty.

Kickin’ It for the Gant Girls


My sister, Monica, teaches PE in Galena Park. The other day she sent me an email. It was about a fundraiser she is organizing for some sweet girls.

So, I open the email and read about the girls…”Samantha, three years old, was recently diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Olivia, 17 months old, was born with a main artery malformation that is affecting her brain causing seizures, known as Arteriovenous malformations (AVM’s). She also has an inoperable brain tumor that has affected her sight and her ability to communicate. Both girls are in and out of the medical center and receiving radiation twice each week.”

I thought, awwwww… poor babies! I started thinking about how I can help or what I could do. Then I scroll down and saw their picture. I know all kids are cute. These 2 girls are super cute. But what made me tear up was that I saw my kids in this picture. Not literally of course, but symbolically.

Here are mine tonight at gymnastics.

When I look at the Gant girls the first thing I want to do is cry. That is empathy, or feeling what their family must feel every day when their beloved daughters have serious medical issues. My tears won’t pay for medical treatments or hospital bills or life saving medicine. So my tears are short lived. Empathy that doesn’t move into action is worthless and trite.

So here is the action…

Kickin’ it for the Gant Girls
Benefit Kickball Tournament
Saturday, February 4, 2012
First game starts at 8:00am
Galena Park Middle School football field

$120 per 12 person team (cash, check, or credit)
Registration Deadline: January 25th 2012

Come have some family fun for a good cause!
Yummy Concessions will be sold!
T-Shirts will be available for$10
($5 for Kickball Team Members)

Entry fee
$2 adults
$1 students
For a Team registration form or to inquire about donations
Email or
Call/text Monica: 979-574-1461


Me and the boys will be there to help out! I don’t play sports so well, so maybe I’ll sell shirts :)

jesus crazy.


there are different kinds of crazy. most crazy is good for nothing. crazy can be detrimental to a person if the crazy is stuck in their head and makes them do things they know they shouldn’t.

then there is jesus crazy. this is where an entire world can tell you to not do something, but because it is what jesus would do… you do it.

this girl….katie…is jesus crazy. i just spent an hour reading her blog. i’d heard about her from some people at the together for adoption conference and now her video is floating around facebook…

at first, i don’t even know how i feel about her. like, i can’t decide if she is being responsible or irresponsible (in case you don’t click on my links… she is 21, lives in uganda and has adopted 14 daughters). i think maybe she should be checked by someone in the psychiatric field… i think something about her story makes me nervous. then i realize what makes me nervous is that if god would ask her to do that…then i’m going to stop praying about god’s will and stuff, because i know me. i can’t do anything that completely jesus crazy.

of course…every crazy adventure begins with just one step right? i guess i could be one step jesus crazy…hmmm..

hello world.


i love living in the now. i love my new iphone 4. i love instant access to world wide information. if there is a train crash in china, i’ll probably see video and pictures of crash within 30 minutes. i know what happens all over the world. this is handy.

this is also one of the biggest tests of whether or not you really love jesus, or just say you do on sunday. because now i can also see all of the people that jesus wants me to help. and i can’t claim ignorance anymore. i mean, i can, but lying to god probably doesn’t work as well as i’d like it to.

so here i am, minding my own facebook business when one of my fbook friends posts this link. why do i click on it??? because the lord has put ethiopia in my heart and obviously i like kids and the picture next to the link is a super cute baby.

so, i read about baby juddah and how he has a condition in which his skull has already fused together just weeks after being born. i’m not a doctor, but even i know that is bad.

what kills me is the way she said that they JUST don’t treat that in ethiopia. but we would treat that baby with surgery if he was here.

i close the blog and continue on my way reading about random updates from all of my friends. then the holy spirit takes a moment to beat me senseless.

first, this passage pops into my head. Matthew 37-40 The Message
“Then those ‘sheep’ are going to say, ‘Master, what are you talking about? When did we ever see you hungry and feed you, thirsty and give you a drink? And when did we ever see you sick or in prison and come to you?’ Then the King will say, ‘I’m telling the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.’ ”

oh crap. did i just overlook that little baby? i tell god, ‘i’ve done my part. i’m listening to 2 little ethiopians snore right now…i’ve given all i can…when we get out of debt, i’ll sponsor 10 kids!!!’

but, to make a point, the holy spirit then reminds me that just 2 hours ago i was searching for new ugg boots (size 9 tall brown) on ebay and almost spent 75$ on new shoes. so, i have money for new shoes…but not to save a baby’s life. welcome to my spiritual spanking.

to sum up. i love technology and being connected to the whole world. but it also means that i am now responsible when the lord shows me opportunities to do his good work. i can’t say i didn’t ever see the least of us sick or hungry. because i see all over the world now.

ps- money where mouth is. no shoes for me. just 75$ to juddah for diapers and formula and clean water.

just the facts


even though i should have an abundance of free time to dedicate to blogging…i seem to be busier than ever! mostly with just cleaning up and running after 2 preschoolers! so this is quick and simple…

first, we love to dress up around here and we have two new costumes…

iron man

and thomas the tank engine

they have the most fun chasing each other around and masamo is mostly content to take orders and follow deacon’s footsteps.

we also went to the share the well concert last saturday… it was super! fun friends, good music, raised money for an amazing cause.

there was clayton:

and ross (his set took us back to youth group days!):

and randall:

monica, clayton and i had a blast trying to keep masamo and deacon entertained after the rain ruined my playground plan!

i don’t know why i look like i’m about punch ross king or why my sister looks like she is trying to calm us down…i think we were about to get into position for a real picture…

and here is a lifelong dream of mine come true! picture with ross king!!! yay!!!

the artists

next week we head to dfw to do masamo’s readoption. i assume that since ET changed their travel requirements to 2 trips (court and to pick up), from now on ET kids won’t have to be readopted. they will be citizens the minute they hit us soil…so look on that bright side!

together for adoption


october 1-2 i’ll be in austin for the together for adoption conference. there are so many reasons why i’m excited about this conference.

but first, here is the pic from their webpage banner:

two things… little boy on left in back, looks kind of like masamo. and something inside me wants to scoop all these babies up and bring them home…

but the picture is not why i’m excited about this conference. the first reason is because of all the awesome people i’ll get to hang out with. most of these people are fbook/blogging buddies that i’ve never met in person, so that will be fun.

people like:
amy bottomly (my favorite travel to ET buddy!)

angel weir (just started ET adoption and basically finished most of her paperwork in like 3 days…amazing)

tom davis (writes amazing books, does amazing things for orphans, getting many jewels in his crown in heaven..)

and many others that i’ve met through adoption related events. very excited. i haven’t made any hotel choices yet, so if you want to register and come with me, that would be awesome!!!

SHARE THE WELL benefit concert


I’ve been organizing this benefit show for Living Water International for several months now, and it’s happening next week! If you’re in or near Houston, I hope you’ll come see us, hear some great music, and support a worthy cause.

DATE: Saturday, July 17, 2010
TIME: 7:00 pm
VENUE: Church of the Holy Trinity, 211 Byrne St., Houston, TX 77009 (MAP)
TICKETS: $10 in advance, $12 at door

Some really talented and wonderful folks are helping out: Randall Goodgame and Ross King.

Your support in any way is appreciated. Here are some ways to help:

  • download the flyer, print it out, pass it around, post it at church or where you hangout (DOWNLOAD FLYER)
  • blog about it, write a post, link to
  • follow us on Twitter (@wellconcert), RTs are appreciated
  • RSVP on Facebook, invite your contacts to attend, share the event on your wall

Thanks for the support – together we can improve the lives of others with clean water.

on their own


i didn’t pay for my own car insurance until i was 27 years old. seriously.

when i think of the orphans that age out of the system, here and abroad, my mind baffles. where do they go during christmas vacation? who do they call when they have an insurance question? who sends them a card on their birthdays?

my mind can not fathom a life (especially my young adult life) without a parent. so when i see something to help those kids that have to do it all on their own, i’m all in.

visit this website, , buy a bracelet.

of course, if you don’t want to buy a bracelet, you could just start the paperwork to adopt one of these teenagers. either way you’d like to help…your choice.

dear hollywood,


dear hollywood,

i am but a simple woman with no working knowledge of the movie industry. i am just a wife, mother, daughter, sister, teacher and follower of christ. and while 99% of the time my heart’s desire is that all would come to know christ and be saved from eternal damnation- i’m not going to cry when you jackasses don’t show up at the pearly gates. your movie, orphan, opening soon is detestable. it is without a doubt the worst and most vicious attack on children that i have ever seen.

i am completely shocked that a group of adults sat in a room and thought, “that’s a great idea! let’s make the orphan EVIL!!!!” or “yeah, orphans don’t get enough screen time, let’s really make them scary!”

orphans in our world today are the most down and out group of humans on our planet. they have no parents or family to advocate, protect, or provide for them. and so the fact that you took it upon yourselves, heartless hollywood, to take advantage of them is disgusting. you knew full well that no advocacy group would shut you down. those of us that actually care for orphans are kind of busy organizing mission trips, finding more funds for orphan care ministries, convincing people to donate medical services and money for schools, and praying for the 140 million orphans of the world. had i been more aware of what movies were in production over the past year, maybe i could have stopped you from making this horrifying mistake.

your movie makes me want to vomit and you can be sure that my family and i will not be seeing it. as a matter of fact, when it comes to redbox i will rent every copy, scratch the crap out of them and then return them.

in closing, here are some the kids you dishonored with your vile movie. i hope their beautiful eyes haunt your dreams (if you can actually sleep at night) and that you do something to make this right.


no respect for you hollywood,

ps- here is a website with a petition you can sign to urge warner bros to give proceeds of the movie to orphan care.



i was reading my blogs this morning and came upon this video (thanks kp!)

which led me to their site.

which then led me to this article….they really take that one faith passage to heart.

450 bil is a lot of money. another video i watched said that to end starvation as we know it would only be another 15 billion. total for food and clean water for everyone? 25 billion. that is only 1/18th of what we will spend over the next month on christmas….so we don’t even have to give up christmas as we know it….just spend 1/18th less and give it away to any number of awesome charities.

so if you plan on spending 1,000$ on christmas this year (which is the average)…spend only 945$ and send the other $55 to charity. if every american did that this year, the world would be completely different. nice.