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First Day of School – Fall 2013


2013-08-26 08.07.23

We are going to try to resurrect the family blog again. If we’re successful you’ll see more pictures, videos, and stories of life with the Faulkners.

We have a Kindergartner and a first grader now. My big adjustment is not having kids in the car with me for the commute to work now. Which also means no HOV lane. It is a trade off – I get to listen to my preferred radio station in the morning – but I’ve got to pay to drive in the fast lane now.

Christmas Letter 2011


We hope you are entering the holiday season with pockets of peace and happiness. If not, we can relate. Having preschoolers and full time jobs is a challenge at times, but always worth the toil in the end. We have not been as consistent at updating the family blog for the same reasons. This little note is a peek into our lives as we come to the end of 2011:

Margo is the glue that holds our family together. She is in her fourth year as a 4th grade teacher at an elementary school in Katy. She is growing into her role as an educator and winning the respect of her colleagues and co-workers. This summer she was the lead trainer in instructing other educators how to use KISD’s outdoor learning center. Margo has also been experimenting in the kitchen this year. Thanks to Pinterest she has started trying out new recipes and making some really delicious food.

Clayton’s exciting year included accepting a new ministry position at Faith Lutheran Church in Bellaire, TX as the Director of Worship, Music, and Technology. He continues to amaze those around him by using his gifts to glorify God and be an innovative leader in our church. He also is wrapping up his Doctorate degree in Worship Studies. Clayton goes above and beyond every day as a husband and father from providing for our family to bath time and bedtime stories for the boys.

Deacon is getting taller every day. It is easy to see that he will be a talented athlete as he grows up. He has a pretty solid spiral for a five year old. He loves going to preschool where he has music, religion, computer, and Spanish classes. He is looking forward to starting kindergarten next year. One of the funniest things Deacon does is make up songs and dances. He loves to change into costumes and play memory games.

Masamo is doing extremely well since joining our family in March 2010. He immediately found his place as the little brother. He and Deacon play very well together and usually have a great time. Masamo is also in preschool and is kind of a ladies man. One of greatest blessings this year has been that the boys attend chapel at the preschool once a week where Clayton leads music and shares Bible stories. One of the funniest things Masamo does is talk non-stop (which stops being funny after a point). He loves to try new foods and loves to play with his big brother.

Happy holidays from The Faulkners – and a blessed 2012.

Video from Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa


This is a video I recorded on March 4, 2010 while touring Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We were very fortunate to hear the cantor and chorus rehearsing the deggua or “church song” in the cathedral. The video also shows the beautiful stained glass windows and the tomb of Haile Selassie.

The sacred music of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is very old. The hymnary is attributed to Saint Yared, a scholar who lived in Aksum in the 6th century. This is perhaps the most astonishing thing about our journey toward adoption because Deacon’s “finding place” was in front of Saint Yared Music School in Addis Ababa in 2006. I don’t think it was a coincidence that my profession/livelihood/calling happens to be church music and that is where Deacon was found! That news was an epiphany for me. Just as God had used music in my life to bring me into the faith and into a relationship with Him as an adopted son, God used a music school to make me a father and teach me about faith, love, and hope.

Learn more about Trinity Cathedral HERE. Learn more about Ethiopian Orthodox Liturgy HERE.

home sweet home.


i promise to blog about our entire trip in great detail over the next 5 weeks. but today is laundry and clean up day. the boys are having fun and it feels so great to be home. i do miss ethiopia very much and still can’t believe how blessed we are that we get to be a part of that country in a small way.

some pics!


entoto mountain

we didn’t make them hold hands. this is masamo’s sweet friend. everytime they saw each other, they would run to each other and hug and hold hands.

aunt monica and the boys

masamo giving high five to eyasu (best driver in the world)

after 16 hour flight and stuck in houston traffic.

in other deacon news…he constantly quotes ‘the little rascals’ movie all day long. earlier he was standing at his bedroom door saying, ‘what’s the hi sign? you’re ok, come on in…’ and he sings ‘you are so beautiful to me, can’t you see?’….fun stuff.

couldn’t love my life more


what? it’s been over 10 days since i last blogged? that’s not right…

i guess i’ve been busy with school, life, and preparing for international travel PLUS having another baby!

i went to a baby shower for my friend, crystal. here is a pic of all the expecting moms at the shower…i’m in the pic because i am expecting a toddler! as they were taking the pic someone said, “more than one way to do this thing”…i love that…there sure is more than one way to make families!

speaking of family…here is a sisters picture. leslie and lauren, me and monica, crystal and lindsey. we’ve all basically known each other since les, monica and crystal were in 5th/6th grade?

and one more pic i stole from monica’s fbook page…my mom and me! yay for mimis!!!!

deacon is getting more excited and saying things like, “i take masamo to the park and teach him how to slide”. or as we are sitting at the dinner table, he points to the empty chair and says, ‘masamo’s chair’. and my favorite is when we play in his room and he sees the ball that he knows is from ethiopia, he will say, “we go get masamo from ethiopia!”

of course, give it two weeks and deacon may be ready to send masamo back… but from what i’ve heard about this new little guy, he doesn’t seem to timid and i believe he will stand his ground and give deacon a little run for his money. which is what this used-to-be-an-only-child needs!

also, any families that have or get referrals need to hit me up to take presents to your babies! we bought electronic humanitarian aid this time and it fits inside my purse, so we have plenty of suitcase room!!!! email/twitter/fbook/dm/text me or you could actually make me use the phone feature on my iphone and just call me…

one in a million


deacon really is one in a million.

two sundays ago at church they brought the 2/3 year olds up to sing some christmas tunes. i stayed hidden in the crowd and let his teachers try and keep him in his seat. but when they got on stage i moved closer to get some pictures. in my defense, i forgot that they were singing this sunday. hence deacon’s blue tshirt.

deacon not only sticks out because of my poor wardrobe planning, but he also was more interested in talking to that little boy next to him, jumping around on stage and then as soon as he saw me, running off the stage. oh well. i love that he was the only one clapping while he was singing.

here is where he began his exit. he saw me and politely ran around all the kids to get to me.

i also had to take this pictures with my iphone because i forgot my real camera at home. again, i was not prepared for deacon’s first onstage experience.

merry christmas!!!!

i didn’t know he could do that.


deacon fell asleep by himself tonight. i didn’t know he could do that.

if you will recall, that fateful day last spring that deacon hopped out of his crib was the last time he ever set foot in it again. since he wouldn’t sleep in his crib and we didn’t have a big boy bed yet, deacon slept on the couch for a couple of months. sounds weird, but it worked.

then we finally got a twin sized bed, cars sheets and deacon took to his bed like a fish to water. but since night one, clayton or i have always laid down in bed with him until he was asleep. stop judging, it worked for us. not to mention that as a working mom, those 30 mintues where i got to hold him as he fell asleep was precious time. we struggled only with the fact that if he wakes up, he doesn’t stay in bed.

so we get up and take him back to bed, or he climbs in our bed or we just move him to the couch and turn on the tv.

lately, bed time has been a tiny struggle. deacon just didn’t want to stay in bed after we’ve read our books. the other night i ‘helped’ him stay in bed, all the while he was kicking and screaming. but after 2 mintues he calmed down and drifted off.

tonight, we read a book about african animals and i turned the light off and deacon jumped out of bed. he put himself in time out which i think was his way of saying he couldn’t get in bed yet, because he was in time out. i said, ‘deacon’s body needs to be in bed. do you want to get in bed or do you want me to help you?’ screaming ensued. i had him on the bed and as he was squirming his way out of bed i just said, ‘love you, night night’ and walked out and locked the door behind me.

locking the door isn’t a big deal b/c he can unlock it from the inside and i can unlock it from the outside. i stood outside that door for at least 15 minutes waiting for sounds or lights or something. but nothing. so then i went and did stuff all the while waiting for a sneaky little boy to emerge from the room. but nothing.

of course, after 30 minutes i was convinced that he had bashed his head on something and was hurt. but actually, he had just gone to sleep without me.

i can’t believe it. he is growing up!