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UPDATE: We were married at Leominster City Hall on December 27, 2019 and have been waiting since then to celebrate with you all. Our wedding has been rescheduled three times thanks to a global pandemic (gross) and a baby (the best), but we are finally ready to party, and hope you are, too!

FUN FACT: May 14 is not only the date on which John and I met for the first time in 2016, but it is also John's maternal grandparents' wedding anniversary! A lovely coincidence that was the date on which all our wedding vendors were simultaneously available to reschedule.

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It all started with the sport of fitness. In May 2016, Michelle and John traveled to Del Mar along with a group of friends to spectate the 2016 CrossFit California Regionals. They gave each other the eye, but not much else. They continued to run into each other at gym events, saying a casual hello, forever checking each other out, dishing out likes on social media, but the timing just wasn't right.

In May 2018, John posted an Instagram story of his family's dog Harley, which prompted Michelle to slide into his DM's to say "Cute dog!". This led to John finally asking her out on their first date. And from there, the rest is history. By the Fourth of July, they knew they were in love, and one year later, they got engaged at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica.
Christie Elise